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Nuclear Power
WASHINGTON -- U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton said here on Sunday that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will leave for a trip to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for the fourth visit since he assumed the current office....
Xinhua, 8:33pm ET

Deakin Business School's Dr Shuddha Rafiq says Australia's energy debate has become overrun by ideology, with supporters of coal rallying against renewable energy advocates. He says advances in renewable energy innovation are being ignored, as...
ABIX, 7:38pm ET

Vajpayee kept his word and he continues to be remembered in the state as the prime minister who helped Odisha recover from the calamity faster in comparison to the extent of devastation that had been caused. The southern state is...
University Wire, 7:08pm ET

by Mahmoud Fouly Yemen has become a theater for conflicting regional interests and ambitions that led to a devastating civil war whose settlement is in the hands of concerned regional parties rather than the Yemenis themselves, said...
Xinhua, 6:08pm ET

Iran's Foreign Minister called for Europe's pragmatic steps to save Iran's interests under the 2015 international nuclear deal as the United States threatened to reimpose sanctions on the country's crude oil exports, Tasnim news agency reported...
Xinhua, 5:38pm ET

An Iranian top official said on Sunday that the EU has pledged to take action before the U.S. ban on importing oil from Iran takes effect in November, Press TV reported. The European countries have made this promise in an attempt to make...
Xinhua, 1:13pm ET

Baku, Azerbaijan, August 19 Trend: The products traded at Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX) on Aug. 19 are: International ring: -2,004 cubic meters of 402 solvent from Isfahan Oil Refining Company; Domestic...
TREND News Agency, 9:58am ET

Iran's defense minister put developing deterrent missile power as the country's top priority, Press TV reported on Sunday. The minister Amir Hatami hailed the country's military achievements, and vowed to continue enhancing missile...
Xinhua, 9:28am ET

Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug. 19 By Fikret Dolukhanov - Trend: A wind power plant with a capacity of 42-megawatts is being constructed on a 375-hectare-site in Tupkaragan district of Kazakhstan's Mangystau region, the regional...
TREND News Agency, 7:03am ET

Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug. 19 Trend: Director general of Durian Energy Inc. said the private German firm plans to maintain its presence in Iran despite new US sanctions against Tehran as it is working on a major solar farm project in...
TREND News Agency, 2:23am ET

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