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Consumers Get to Know NXT-ID's Smart Wallet, Wocket(TM), in Series of CNBC Ads Starting the Week of May 12th
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Alternative Energy
Sol Luna Solar is the headline sponsor for this year's Solar Fiesta on April 26, from 9am - 5pm. According to a release, the event will be held at Santa Fe Community College and will feature renewable energy workshops and solar...
Close-Up Media, 12:48am ET

TANZANIA will soon sign an emission reduction purchase agreement with the World Bank which allows villagers to get compensation for climate friendly actions including conservation of forests. World Bank Senior Communication Officer for...
All Africa Global Media, 1:43am ET

Until recently, giving birth in the remote Mbulu-Mbulu Ward of Karatu District used to be nothing short of nightmare. When it came to maternal health, all the five villages in the Ward, comprising Lositete, Kambiya- Simba, Silahamo,...
All Africa Global Media, 1:38am ET

Oslo, Norway, 24 April 2014 This notice is prepared and published in accordance with sections 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 in Continuing Obligations for companies listed on Oslo Bors. The transaction...
Thomson Reuters ONE, 1:08am ET

Renewable Energy Group, Inc., announced it has reached a new milestone, having sold a cumulative one billion gallons of advanced biofuel during its 17 year history. "On behalf of the board of directors and employees of REG, I want to say...
Close-Up Media, 12:58am ET

Kyocera announced plans to invest in a tax equity partnership for the development of solar photovoltaic projects valued at $38 million in New York state, leveraging the 30 percent federal energy investment tax credit. In a release, the...
Close-Up Media, 12:58am ET

Manufacturers' News announced manufacturing employment in Iowa increased 1 percent in 2013. In a release, the Company noted according to data collected by MNI in 2013, Iowa added 2,114 jobs over the past year. Manufacturers' News...
Close-Up Media, 12:58am ET

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Satellite-based Earth Observation Market 2014-2018" report to its offerings. In a release, Research and Markets noted that report highlights include: The Global...
Close-Up Media, 12:48am ET

THE Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) has urged Government to work towards resolving inefficiencies in the fuel procurement system. EAZ president Isaac Ngoma said in Lusaka yesterday that Government should look at other alternative...
All Africa Global Media, 12:38am ET

The April issue of The Canadian Business Journal has launched online at According to a release, the cover feature examines the future of the lucrative natural resources industry and its impact on the Canadian economy. Headlining...
Close-Up Media, 12:33am ET

DUBAI, UAE, April 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Pegasus...
PR Newswire Europe, 12:08am ET

-- First Commercial Hydroponic Farm in Saudi Arabia -- 20,000 SQM Facility will use 80% Less Water -- Farm to produce 1400 tonnes per hectare p.a. through Vertical Farming Pegasus Agri-tech, MENA region's largest...
PR Newswire, 12:08am ET

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