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Telecom News
Charles Kuen Kao, a scientist awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2009 for his work on fibre optics, passed away here on Sunday at the age of 84. Professor Kao pioneered in the development and use of fibre optics technology, bringing...
Xinhua, 8:23am ET

The Ontario Energy Association (OEA) is set to host ENERGYCONFERENCE18, with discussion focusing on Ontario's energy policy priorities with a new government mandate. The conference will provide a platform for Hon. Rod Phillips, Ontario's...
GlobeNewswire, 9:08am ET

The main goal of the global Mobile Video Surveillance Market report is to supply an up-to-date information on Mobile Video Surveillance market and also discover all the chances for Mobile Video Surveillance market growth. The report starts with a..., 7:18am ET

The death toll of a ferry that capsized in Lake Victoria on Thursday has reached 223 as search and rescue operations were to be halted later in the day, authorities said. A total of 223 bodies have been recovered between Thursday and...
Xinhua, 6:03am ET

Nepal is poised to become the first country to double its wild tiger population. The government of Nepal announced today there are now an estimated 235 wild tigers, nearly doubling the baseline of around 121 tigers in 2009. <b>The...
GlobeNewswire, 5:48am ET

The death toll from the ferry that capsized in Lake Victoria has risen to 218 and may further grow, state media said late on Saturday. Minister for Works, Transport and Communications Isack Kamwelwe said more bodies could be recovered as...
Xinhua, 2:18am ET

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