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What is is a free customized Internet news service that continuously adapts to provide business people with the best news, information and services to put them ahead in work and life. Unlike other alternates, offers the Web's largest collection of business, financial, industry, trade and company-specific news and information uniquely personalized to deliver better targeted, better customized and more relevant news and information to the business professional.

Where does the news come from? has relationships with information providers who send us their content electronically around the clock via Comtex, a news aggregator. Our news comes from over 70 sources including many major sources you have trusted for years. The content you receive comes directly and verbatim from these sources; does not create or edit any news.

How does work?
You choose the topics and companies you want to follow in your profile. Based on your profile, we search and categorize our news sources (domestic and international) for you using our proprietary and sophisticated processing tools.

The value of becomes quickly apparent to the user when he or she begins to navigate the individualized content. No other site can match the value-add provided by our processing tools. 24-7, thousands of stories are categorized into over 200 popular topics and ranked by our proprietary algorithms -- displaying the most insightful stories first. We also rely on you, the user, the help us refine our system by telling us when a story is incorrectly categorized. The result is that business users get only the stories that are relevant and useful to their business and interests.

How is the news presented? can be seen in two ways -- email format and via the Homepage. In order to use either format, you must register with Once you register, you can create your own individualized homepage where all your individual preferences, interests, and topics will be displayed.

You can also register for two daily emails that present up to four topics of your choosing. The emails are sent out between 4 and 6 a.m. EST and between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. EST.

Because the email and your customized homepage work so well together, most individuals use both methods, scanning the email for major stories in his or her major topic areas and then using the Website to "drill down" deeper into other topics. Individuals can also explore areas outside of their topics by accessing the Newdesks.

At the topic level, initially presents news as headlines and briefs. The briefs are short snapshots of the articles designed to quickly give you the gist of the article. If you want to know the "whole story", you can click on any headline to see the full text. Since the full text is always stored on the Website, you will need to have Internet access when you want to read the full text.

What industries are covered? has over 200 popular topics (and growing!). These topics cover business, finance, high-technology, telecommunications, Internet, computer, healthcare, energy, business, transportation, and the environment.

Do topics pull stories every day?
Most topics do, unless it is a very slow news day. However, there are some highly defined, niche topics which may not pull stories every day. Some company topics don't pull news every day either.

How long do stories remain on stories are available for 30 days. To access a prior day's stories, use the date drop down option at the top of each major page. This drop down option allows you to select the prior date you are interested in. From that point forward, all the articles you read will be dated with date you select. If at any point you want to revert back to today's date or another date, just select the new date from the date drop down option at the top of each major page. Each time you exit the site, it will revert back to the current day's date.

Does cost anything?
No, is completely FREE! We can do this by keeping our overhead low and selling as much advertising as possible. There are two things you can do to help us with this -- one, tell all your friends and colleagues about us and two, tell any potential advertisers about us. Remember, the better we do financially, the better the service can become.

Can I redistribute stories?
You can send any article to a friend or colleague by using the Email a Friend option at the top and bottom of an article. Also please tell your friends and colleagues about us -- the more users, the better the service. For complete details, please refer to’s Terms of Service for more details.

How many topics can I have in my settings? offers you a choice of over 200 topics from which to choose. You can have up to 100 topics in your settings. To avoid creating your own information overload, though, we suggest having fewer than 100 in your profile. Like maybe 10 to 20.

Can I change my settings?
Absolutely. is meant to be as dynamic as you, so feel free to change your settings at any time. We have tried to make this as easy as possible by giving you as many entry points to your settings as possible. Simply click on the My Settings link at the top and bottom of each page or select any of the options in the My Setting box on the left navigation bar. Within each mode, you can add, remove, or re-arrange your selections to fit your unique needs.

You can also make changes to your personal information and password by selecting the My Personal Information link.

The My Preferences link also contains important information.

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